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SmartWipe Household Cleaning Cloths - 10 Wraps

SmartWipe Household Cleaning Cloths Price: £6.20 +vat


SmartWipes are J type cleaning cloths made from recycled cotton to give them features not found in paper or cellulose based cleaning wipes.

SmartWipe cleaning cloths are soft, non-abrasive and open textured to enable them to pick up 5 times their weight of water.

SmartWipe cleaning cloths are washable, reusable and keep their strength when wet.

SmartWipes cleaning cloths decompose in landfill.


  • Wrap of 5


Available in 4 Colours:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

Mininimum order: 10 Wraps

Additional items, Sold in mulipules of 10 at £6.20 +vat

Please indicate colour/s when ordering

(mixture of colours accepted)

Order line : 07717969264

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