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Rein Stops - 5 Pairs

baking parchment paper roll Price: £50.00 +vat


The Rein Stop is a new training tool to help horse riders keep a consistent length of contact whether hacking, schooling or jumping. The Rein Stop prevents reins slipping through the rider's fingers.

Using a rock climbing knot, the Rein Stop is simply attached to the rein and will not slip under tension. The toggle is placed either in the palm of your hand or rests between your thumb and first finger.

The packing gives full instruction for attachment.

Rein Stop Benefits

Rosie Moss of Rosie Moss Equine who conceived the idea of the Rein Stop comments:

"Confident in the knowledge that they can contain the energy, the rider will ride with more leg to hand, resulting in increased impulsion and the horse using their hindquarters more, hence improving strength and suppleness.
When jumping it will help the rider to keep a long arm and a short rein all the way around a course. This should improve consistency and control. For the more novice rider it will also help them to keep the correct hand position with thumbs closed over the top of the reins.
For those with problems with their hands or fingers it will aid grip."

Whtch a demonstration of how the rein stop are used.



The Rein Stop has been designed so that it is not possible to slip your hand through the loop and the breaking force for the Rein Stop is in excess of 90 kgs.


Available in 2 sizes:

  • 650L.
  • 640L has a smaller toggle


Rein Stops can be made with additional features or a different size.Please call to discuss your requirment on 07717 696264.


Mininimum order: 5 Pairs

Additional items, singularly at £10.00 +vat

(mixture of Sizes is accepted)

Order line: 0800 195 2604

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