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Pro 57 Urinal Cubes - 1 bucket

liquid spill absorbent Price: £35.50 +vat

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Pro 57 urinal cubes have been developed to completely remove organic waste, scale and odour thus improving washroom experiences by continuously working.


  • Pro 57 has scale prevention technology to prevent the formation of simple and complex organic scales.
  • Includes specially selected stains of nonpathogenic microbes for organic waste degredation.
  • Removes unpleasant odours by degrading the source.
  • One cube treats one urinal for up to two weeks.
  • Reduces urinal flushing frequency.
  • Compatible with all urinal manufactured materials.


  • 1 bucket (50 Cubes).

Mininimum order: 1 Bucket

Additional items, singularly at £35.50 +vat

Order line: 0800 195 2604

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Wessex Eco Commercial

What our Customers say

Mr. Bill Clements, landlord of The Swan Inn at Wilton.

“Even though the urinals at my pub, the Swan at Wilton were thoroughly and regularly cleaned, I was never convinced that they were properly sanitised. Since I started using the Pro 57 Bio Urinal Cubes from Wessex Eco Products, I am completely happy. My urinals are chemically clean and completely sanitised, smell fresh all the time and are very pleasant for my customers to use. Smelly loos can be a most unpleasant problem and the Pro 57 cubes from Wessex Eco Products have solved the problem for me. I recommend these cubes to any publican, hotelier or restaurant manager.”

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