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Pro 44 Biological Multi-purpose Cleaner - 5L Concentrate

liquid spill absorbent Price: £21.99 +vat


Pro 44 is a ready to use modern biological approach to cleaning used throughout a wide variety of industries. From hard surfaces, soft furnishings, fabrics and carpets Pro 44 is formulated to effectively control malodours, spots and spills.


  • Contains specially selected strains of non-pathogenic microbes which have been chosen for the ability to degrade a cross section of organic stains
  • Environmentally responsible yet highly effectual product which is based on biological over chemical action
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of industries including Marine, Leisure, Commercial Showrooms, Catering and waste disposal and collection areas
  • Pro 44 contains no harsh chemicals and is made from biodegradable surfactants and specially selected bacterial cultures
  • Once the initial soiling is removed the microbes in this product continue degrading the organics to complete the cleaning process and carry on cleaning long after initial application
  • This product is suitable for use with most scrubber dryers including the i-mop


  • 5l concentrate.

Mininimum order: 1 Bottle

Additional items, singularly at £21.99 +vat

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