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Pro 22 Liquid Spill Absorption Crystals - 6x250gm Bottles

liquid spill absorbent Price: £53.94 +vat


Advanced liquid clean up solution. Pro 22 liquid spill absorbent crystals start out as a powdery substance. Once applied to any liquid, it transforms into a solid gel making cleaning up after accidents quick, easy and efficient. In a convenient 250g size Pro 22 can be used in a variety of locations including boats, cars, emergency vehicles, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, vets and prisons.


  • Advanced formulation for accidental liquid spillages including human body spillages
  • Ideal for areas where children may suffer from travel sickness, areas with young babies, the incontinent or pets
  • Spillages can quickly and efficiently be removed using a hand brush and pan set


  • 6 x 250g bottle.

Mininimum order: 6 Bottles

Additional items, singularly at £8.99 +vat

Order line: 0800 195 2604

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