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Pro 11 Lime-scale Remover - 6x500ml Squirty bottle

liquid spill absorbent Price: £31.14 +vat


Pro 11 is a ready to use formula and has been specifically formulated to remove limescale build up around taps, on tiles and in sinks. Pro 11 uses unique acid replacement technology and does not contain harsh chemicals.


  • Unique acid replacement technology provides an excellent alternative to acid limescale removers
  • Convenient ready to use formulation
  • Tackles limescale on contact removing it quickly and efficiently
  • Ideal for use on ceramic, glass or enameled surfaces in washrooms, toilets and kitchens
  • Acid replacement technology limescale remover cleantec innovation pro11


  • 500 ml Ready to use.

Mininimum order: 6 Bottles

Additional items, singularly at £5.19 +vat

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