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Parchment Paper Roll - Case of 12

baking parchment paper roll Price: £28.80 +vat


The baking parchment paper is unbleached and totally chlorine free (TCF). It is made for 'If You Care' from 100% responsibly managed forests and is fully compostable.

Excellent for cooking - no greasing needed and microwave safe.

The baking parchment paper can be composted and the box recycled.


Available in:

  • 1 Case (12 rolls 19.8 m Continious roll 33 cm wide)

Mininimum order: 1 Case

Additional items, singularly at £28.80 +vat

Order line: 0800 195 2604

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Wessex Eco Commercial

What our Customers say

Tracey Smeeton.

"I've been buying this brand of parchment paper of several years now as I really dislike the smell of the parchment paper available from supermarkets and other shops", explained Tracey. "The price I pay to Wessex Eco Products compares very favourably with that of other suppliers and I particularly like the friendly and reliable delivery service which is available with Wessex Eco Products."

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Wessex Eco Commercial