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Hard Wood Logs - 5 Sacks

Hard wood logs Price: £13.50 +vat


Our real hard wood logs come from Mid Hampshire where they are looked after by woodsmen. The timber gathered is a selections of Beech, Oak, Elder, Birch, Ash and Hazel (never Fir as this spits and produces Tar) and it is stacked undercover for at least one year to drying out, the larger trunks are split in four to assist the drying process.

We only bags and distribute once the timbers have stood and dried for a minimum of one year.


  • 5 Sacks

Mininimum order: 5 Sacks

Additional items, singularly at £2.70 +vat

Order line: 0800 195 2604

Free Delivery

Free delivery is within 35 miles of Andover only. Addition delivery charge applies outside of this area, or collection can be arrange.


Wessex Eco Commercial

What our Customers say

Mrs. Fiona Ghost, Andover.

"Lovely dry kindling, love the logs; Simon is a great chap!"

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Wessex Eco Commercial